Beyond Horsemanship
Jul 8

Beyond Horsemanship

Successful Training Through Trust, Compassion, Wisdom And Skill

with Franklin Levinson



This clinic/retreat will teach you how to be successful in training through compassion, wisdom, skill and trust! Many humans seem to believe they need to dominate a horse because it is bigger and stronger. They tend to overlook elements of a horse's psychology that make this animal always seeking to feel safe. Franklin will show us how understanding that fear is a huge factor in the life of a horse, and that trusting it is safe,  is even more important and can help humans become more successful as trainers, riders and with any shared activity with a horse. It is important to recognize efforts by the horse to comply with our requests and rewarding their effort is extremely beneficial. This is positive reinforcement and is the most effective training principle known. When we accept that resistance from a horse is a response of fear, our approach might be more compassionate and we might not seek to punish the animal for what we judge as disobedience.

Centaur Connection Clinic/Retreat
Feb 25

Centaur Connection Clinic/Retreat

Centaur Connection Clinic/Retreat

with Linda Salinas


The Centaur Connection Clinic comes to Costa Rica! Horse Whisperer/ Animal Communicator Linda j Salinas will show you how to form a centaur connection with horses. In this clinic/retreat you will experience:

Training a horse at Liberty - Linda will teach you how to begin your relationship with horses from the beginning, at liberty to create a magical and intimate relationship with your horse. You will be working with Kindred Connections beautiful Costa Rican horses. All rescue horses, they have been trained in the Carolyn Resnick method of training horses at Liberty. 

Discovering the world behind your eyes - In this discussion you will experience the language of intuition and to understand how the world behind your eyes influences the world in front of your eyes.  How what you see behind your eyes, vision, mental images, imagination, and day dreams are just as real as what your eyes see right in front of you. How mental chatter takes you away from present moment awareness.

Animal Communication - Ever wondered how do animals communicate? Learn the basics of telepathy, the language of animals in this discussion and experience what it is to begin communicating with animals.

Meditation with horses - Linda will guide us daily in a meditation in the presence of a horse. While mediating Linda will assist in creating stillness and quieting the mind. You will learn the jewels of being in the present moment and the gifts that can unfold from learning “presence” and the power of “being”.

How your energy effects horses - Horses read energy. In this discussion and exercise you will learn how your energy effects the horses and how the horses energy can effect your energy. You too will learn to read energy and that you have been doing so all along. 

In this 7 day clinic/retreat you will have a free day to experience some of the amazing activities Costa Rica has to offer. Explore the Tropical Rainforest and visit a Waterfalls on Horseback, Zipline through the jungle, White Water raft, Kayak on Lake Arenal to the Arenal Volcano, and much more! Let us make this retreat one you will  never forget!

Healing Journey In Paradise
Feb 5

Healing Journey In Paradise

Animal Communication, Energy Healing & Horses Retreat

with Anna Twinney of Reach Out to Horses


Anna has brought you to the mountains of Wyoming, the desert of the Wild West and the exquisite landscape of the French countryside. Now she is excited to announce her very first retreat in Costa Rica, and she is pulling out all the stops to make this a special trip for all who join her! 

Located in Costa Rica’s tropical Rain forest, Lake Arenal and the Arenal Volcano are a sightseer’s dream! Immersed in the jungle, this amazing retreat provides you with an opportunity to experience the Rainforest at its fullest! Howler monkeys, Toucans, Sloths, Pizotes, hundreds of species of birds, as well as the beautiful tropical flora, make this location a nature lover’s paradise!

During this weeklong adventure you will learn one of the most popular healing arts in the world, Reiki, and explore the world of Animal Communication, all while vacationing in one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world!

This retreat is hosted by Kindred Connections at the Majestic Properties.

Yoga & Horsemanship Retreat
Nov 20

Yoga & Horsemanship Retreat


Join Tammy Pate And Janice Baxter For A Combination Clinic & Retreat! 

This retreat combines yoga, horsemanship and adventure for equestrians and yoga practitioners of all levels. It is fun, exciting and experiential. Kindred Connections will be joining Tammy Pate and Janice Baxter in an amazing journey combining horses, yoga and a riding adventure in Arenal, Costa Rica! You will be staying at the Majestic Lodge in El Castillo and will experience comfortable accommodations, excellent cuisine and plethora of activities in the Arenal rainforest!

Kindred Connections hosts this all-inclusive retreat at the Majestic Properties!