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Beyond Horsemanship

Successful Training Through Trust, Compassion, Wisdom And Skill

with Franklin Levinson



This clinic/retreat will teach you how to be successful in training through compassion, wisdom, skill and trust! Many humans seem to believe they need to dominate a horse because it is bigger and stronger. They tend to overlook elements of a horse's psychology that make this animal always seeking to feel safe. Franklin will show us how understanding that fear is a huge factor in the life of a horse, and that trusting it is safe,  is even more important and can help humans become more successful as trainers, riders and with any shared activity with a horse. It is important to recognize efforts by the horse to comply with our requests and rewarding their effort is extremely beneficial. This is positive reinforcement and is the most effective training principle known. When we accept that resistance from a horse is a response of fear, our approach might be more compassionate and we might not seek to punish the animal for what we judge as disobedience.

Earlier Event: February 18
Centaur Connection Clinic/Retreat